Chapter Two

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I finished Chapter Two last weekend, but in a lull of inspiration, the integral part of the story turned out weak.  It was the part where the two main characters meet, so I felt it was important to rewrite it.  Actually, I initially thought it was good, but my editor, (my husband,) pointed out that it snuffed out the tension, which is important to a romantic plot.  He also mentioned that the introduction of the antagonist was mediocre.  Obviously that’s no good, so I went back to it with a fresh prospective and now it’s much more on point!

Early in the writing process, I decided my method would be to write the novel in it’s entirety, then go back and edit.  This is to keep the creative momentum moving forward and not get caught up on rewriting.  Although, since their meeting is the foundation of the rest of the story, it has to be solid.

Aside from that, I’m now at 11,210 words.  Chapter Two is about 2,000 words longer than Chapter One, which had me thinking if chapters need to be similar in length.  After reading a few articles, it seems to be the consensus that there aren’t any established  rules on chapter length.  According to Brian A. Klems from Writer’s Digest, chapters should be just long enough to serve a purpose and, once that purpose is served, it should be cut off so a new chapter (or mini-story) can begin.

With that in mind, I’ll be starting Chapter Three today and hope to be done in a couple weeks!



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