Chapter Four


Unfortunately, it’s taken me about two months to finish Chapter Four.  In that time, I’ve decided to change the genre of my story to Romantic Drama, instead of Romance.  The Romance genre has an implied sexual undertone that readers have come to expect.  Some authors have achieved success with these types of novels, but I don’t want my writing to be put in that category.  I never intended it to be sexual and I realized the Romance genre label was misleading.  I want my story to have a more substantial message.

Other than that, I’m now at 22,880 words, which is about 44 pages in Word.  I plan on making a few changes to some of the earlier chapters, when I’m in the editing phase.  I decided to have the main character, Charlotte, quit her job, instead of my initial idea of having her retire early.  I also want to make the opening line more captivating. Also, as my husband suggested, I want to give some of the main characters more time with the protagonist.  For example, in Chapter Three, I missed an opportunity to introduce a possible love interest, when I used a supporting character instead.

Overall, I think Chapter Four is my favorite chapter so far because Charlotte gets some one-on-one time with a different potential love interest.  Needless to say, there’s going to be a bit of a love triangle, which I wasn’t planning on doing, but I think it’ll allow more opportunities for complex character development and tension.  I hope to elaborate more on this in Chapter Five, which I expect to be done in a couple weeks.


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