Advice from Authors to Authors

Since I decided to try my hand at writing, I’ve been scouring the internets for all kinds of advice.  What I found was several people I didn’t know, (presumably writers, since they had written a post about writing,) spewing tip after tip of do’s and dont’s.  Some points aligned among blog authors, but some were surprisingly contradictory.  After a few days of blog hopping in my down time, I starting wondering what successful, established authors would advise.  Who better to learn from than the pros, right?  That led me on a search for author blogs, which, to my surprise, exist and are very helpful!

Since I’m writing a romance, the first author that came to mind was Nicholas Sparks, most famous for The Notebook.  On his website, under the About section, he has a section called Advice for Writers.  My favorite section, since it meets me where I am right now, is the Learn the Craft section.  He breaks down three pieces of practical advice: Research, Read, Write.  He also has sections on the business side of writing and his own personal experience as a writer.

See for yourself at:

Neil Gaiman, probably most known for American Gods and Coraline, has a similar section on his website called Advice to Authors.  His is much more brief, addressing only three subject matters: publishing, comics and revising.  I like that he not only gives advice, but encouragement as well.

Check it out here:

David Brin, most known for his SF novel, Existence, has written a lengthy piece on his website called A Long, Lonely Road: Advice To New Writers.  If you don’t have much time, I suggest scrolling down to his ten bullet points.  He addresses subjects such as: point of view, the usage of adjectives and elements of a good novel.

You can find it here:

In addition to these single author websites, has assembled a compilation of concise gems of wisdom from the likes of literary classics such as Twain, Hemmingway, Wilde, and Austen.  These truths, clever quips and timeless thoughts are definitely worth a read.

View the gallery here: